On-the-Ground Efforts Begin in Florida

“The time is now,” Ryan, a member of the Protect Innocence national team, shared with concerned parents and community leaders in his recent visit to Naples, Florida.

“As members of Congress (1) become educated on how our legislative solution will protect children and then (2) receive support from our highly dedicated grassroots network, we can expect results.”

Ryan continued, “Our team has successfully accomplished this several times in the past. This is an issue we can win.”

The Protect Innocence team has now begun efforts to build chapters and recruit support behind this effort. We need support from thousands of dedicated individuals in every community across the country.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Pick up the phone. Ask 20 of your family members, friends, and close neighbors to Sign the Petition and Become a First Responder.
  2. Host a cottage meeting. In this initial phase of growth, members of the Protect Innocence national team are flying across the country to meet with groups–both large and small. Our 60-minute presentation includes a formal discussion about the (1) problem, (2) solution, (3) team, and (4) plan. To get on our schedule, shoot us an email at info@protectinnocenceproject.org.
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